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DYT: Pronoun

DYT: Pronoun

Isabella and Josh are childhood sweethearts. It should be happy ever after. But it is not that simple, Isabella has now become a boy.

This is an engaging and thought-provoking story about transition, testosterone and love.

Written by Evan Placey the play was originally commissioned as part of the 2014 National Theatre Connections Festival.

Special school rates by agreement - contact:

Suitable for Ages 14+
Thursday 30 Mar 20177:30pm Book Now
Friday 31 Mar 20177:30pm Book Now
The Diary of A Hounslow Girl

The Diary of A Hounslow Girl

The Diary of a Hounslow Girl is told through the eyes of a 16 year old British Muslim Girl growing up in West London.
From traditional Pakistani weddings to fights on the night bus this is a funny, bold, provocative play highlighting the challenges of being brought up as a young woman in a traditional Muslim family alongside the temptations and influences growing up in and around London.

This is the debut play from Ambreen Razia, a British Pakistani writer and actress.

Also at Bridport Arts Centre

Sponsored by Battens
Sunday 2 Apr 20178:00pm Book Now
We Are Bronte

We Are Bronte

We Are Bronte is a madcap physical interpretation of the Bronte myth, taking the real and imaginary worlds of the Yorkshire siblings as inspiration. With only a handful of props, the two masterful performers deconstruct not only gothic themes of love, madness and revenge, but also themselves.

"a mini comedic masterpiece...ambitious, risk-taking, edgy, just downright different." ***** StageTalk Magazine

"masters of their art" ****The Scotsman

Sponsored by Battens

Also at Poole Lighthouse & Marine Theatre, Lyme Regis
Friday 21 Apr 20178:00pm Book Now



‘Burton’vividly presents the life of the great Welsh actor in his own words from humble beginnings to Hollywood mega-stardom. Beautiful women (not least Liz Taylor), alcohol, wealth, stage and screen are the threads woven into this sad, happy, exuberant often hilarious one-man show. Drink was the only real anodyne to his deteriorating health and mental state, his doomed tempestuous relationship with Taylor and his constant guilt over the abandonment of his family.


Wednesday 3 May 20178:00pm Book Now
Far From The Madding Crowd

Far From The Madding Crowd

“I shall do one thing in this life – one thing certain – that is, love you, and long for you, and keep wanting you till I die.”

As three very different suitors compete for her heart, spirited, independent Bathsheba Everdene must choose between them. Will she choose to marry for passion, for obligation or for true love and companionship? Or will she value her independence and not marry at all?

Celebrating their tenth anniversary, and following on from Emma, “perfect theatre with seemingly no effort at all” BBC Radio,  Persuasion - “pure theatre magic” **** The Stage and David Copperfield – “Brimming with wit and charm” Remotegoat, Hardy’s romance is brought to life with live music and Hotbuckle’s trademark ensemble style.

Saturday 13 May 20178:00pm Book Now
Sunday 14 May 20172:30pm Book Now
I Am Beast

I Am Beast

Captivating puppetry... An outstanding piece of theatre from start to finish. Raw and dark... this is a show that everyone should see." The Buxton Review

What happens when the wildest parts of our imagination take control? After the death of her mother, Ellie escapes into her own fantasy world of comic book superheroes and bewitching strangers, recreating herself as the ultimate vigilante.

Running amidst dark alleyways and sinister villains, she soon meets the wild and mysterious Beast and together they seek revenge. But as the walls of her new world begin to crumble, Ellie must finally face the truth behind her fantasies.

A visually stunning exploration of the power of grief and childish imagination, I

AM BEAST was developed with teenagers, therapists, psychiatrists and neurologists with support from an Arts Award from the Wellcome Trust and funding from Arts Council England.

Wednesday 24 May 20178:00pm Book Now